Donde esta Honduras?

Sell the house. Sell the cars. Sell the boat. Learn to speak Spanish. Build homes. Help physicians care for folks. Play guitar. Teach English. Fish. Play. Purge. In short, move to Honduras for two years.

Can’t really say that I feel “called” to do this. Then again, I can’t really say that I’m not. It’s just one of several ideas on the radar, and of the companion possibilities, it’s the one that seems most interesting or exciting at the moment. Something in the back of mind says that I must be able to answer the question “why” before doing something so… crazy, big, and different. Well… Mr. “Gotta-Hava-Reason”… howsabout you answerin me this one:

Why not?

4 responses to “Donde esta Honduras?”

  1. This quote from Mos Def’s new album “The New Danger” seems appropo:

    “God did not make me a fearful man.
    The only fear I have –
    Is my failure to adhere His plan.”

    In my own rather liberal interpretation of His plan for me and for anyone, He wants us to *Be Love* and help others be it as well. Go where your heart leads you, friend.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. Perhaps the family and I will pack our bags sometime during the year to come with a clear sense of “heart leading.” Then again, my money says it will feel more like a free-fall into the fog. But I hope that if/when the time comes, the decision will have been made at least in part with the trust that God is there, loves my family and me (baggage and all), and is happy when we’re involved in the lives of each other… for the good of each other… wherever it may be that we awake at the beginning of each day.

  3. it may be a “free-fall into the fog”, but you’ve got a great parachute in your family and friends…

    My only request would be that you saunter down to the internet cafe and update Ebenezer Stone every so often while you’re there! And if hosting ever becomes an issue, I’ll make you a home on one of my servers 🙂

  4. Dude. Thanks for the offer. I wonder if there’s an Internet cafe on Guanaja (the specific island we’d be going to). I wouldn’t mind keeping the freelance side of my life active, if for no other reason than to help pay the bills.

    And yes… free-falling into the fog is much less scary with family (and friends). There’s also very little difference in a fear-filled free-fall, and throwing my hand up in the air during the big drop on the roller-coaster ride… except in the later case, there’s very little for me to do other than simply trust the designer and enjoy the ride.