I have recently been reintroduced to a man named Clarence Jordan (If you visit this link, I recommend watching the 7-minute tribute). The following quotes continue to cut and turn within me like a plow to the soil:

“But you know it’s hard to reshape our lives to conform with the Gospel. It’s so much easier to reshape the Gospel to conform with our lives.”

“Faith is not belief in spite of the evidence but a life in scorn of the consequences.”

One response to “Clarence”

  1. I’m very familiar w/ Jordan since I used to regularly travel to Americus (eight miles from Plains, GA, Jimmy Carter’s hometown). He is definitely a legend. If his only accomplishment had been inspiring Millard Fuller, that would have been enough. I can’t get too excited about HFH, however, because about a year ago Christianity Today did a cover story on them and essentially wrote that they have one major problem: too many volunteers. Of course, it’s a nice problem for a non-profit to have, and, after all, it is a great organization.