Lost in the Gutter

For awhile now I’ve felt lost in the gutter between the left page and the right. Faith defenders seem unwilling to sacrifice much if anything for the sake of less fortunate people, while the kind acts of those on the other page often seem plagued by arrogance and a fundamental disrespect for authority. Both sides view each other in condescending judgement.

On a related note, here are some words from Philip Yancey – someone whom I consider to be a fellow gutter-dweller.

Philip Yancey Interview – Real Video
Philip Yancey Interview – Windows Media

(Thanks again to Sojourner Magazine)

2 responses to “Lost in the Gutter”

  1. Unfortunately, the volume on my computer hasn’t worked for about three years, so I have to forego judgment on this particular post, though I’m a big fan of Yancey. He’s a good writer but I kill him on the guitar. In Christian love, of course.