Bumper Sticker

A good friend of mine once said that he believes God tells jokes. I happen to like the idea, and with that in mind I offer a brief excerpt from my commute the other day. I don’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed my ride home so much.

Pulling onto the Interstate, I was reflecting on an article I’d recently read about Dorothy Day. One of the primary ideas that shaped her inspiring life is that we must choose to see the face of Jesus in all people. So I was chewing on this profound thought when I looked up and noticed the bumper-sticker on the car right in front of me which simply read, “Bite Me.”

2 responses to “Bumper Sticker”

  1. The problem with bumper stickers in my opinion is you only get that one chance to tell the world what’s important to you, unless you’re going to be like those activists who drive old VW buses with about 150 bumper stickers. I just chose this one: “Georgia Sheriff’s Association 2003”. Not creative, but it seems to work.

  2. Thought you might appreciate the one I saw on my way to work this morning: “Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you’re an asshole.”