Hi Ho, Hi Ho…

The “nine to five” part of my life’s been pretty busy lately. Too busy. Maybe it’s related to my obsessive side, but when there’s a problem that I’m partly responsible to solve, I can’t just let it stay at the office. As a result, when I’m home I’m not all the way home – just “mostly” home… and “all the way” tired.

Not only do my busy times at the office diminish life at home, I’ve noticed that my motivation for change seems to be reduced as well. No nagging questions about simplicity or community. No desire for the people of Honduras. Hopefully, the “stirring” is still there… somewhere latent within. Is it so tied to my career that it will not resurface until things at the office are slow again, and I start feeling bored?

Will’s crying in the other room. Time to go be a dad.