A Butcher, A Baker, A Candlestick Maker

So what’s your method of discerning God’s will? For that matter, does God even have a “will” regarding decisions outside of the moral realm? I’m inclined to believe that unless it’s clearly prohibited in scripture, God’s answer to life’s difficult questions is something like “either way is fine with me.”

When I look under the hood, however, it gets a little messy. Here’s a specific example. I become frustrated or bored with my job and begin asking, “God what is your will for my career?” This age old question that sounds so selfless and pious should actually be interpreted as (at least in my case) – God, I’m scared of commitment, and perhaps more to the point – I don’t really know if I trust you. Or at least I don’t know if I trust that you’re interested in my decision. Anyway, if you ARE going to answer my prayer, I’d prefer you make the answer as obvious as a message from Balaam’s donkey or Gideon’s fleece. No vague circumstantial affirmation or “still small voice” business. A phonecall from a prospective employer as soon as I say “Amen” might be nice. And… by the way, whichever path you choose for me, I want it to be the one that makes me the happiest in the long run.

So, what will I be when I grow up? Better yet, what will I become next as I continue to learn how to love God and my neighbor?